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How Can Men Take Care of Their Oily Skin

Does your face feel oily and greasy after a few hours of washing it? This signifies that you have oily skin. Many times, you must have noticed that when you have oily skin then naturally it becomes prone to acne also. This can be due to excessive sebum that is released by over-active glands. When this sebum gets collected on the skin and finally when it gets in contact with the bacteria and dead skin, it forms blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and other skin issues.

So, tackling the oily skin is difficult but it is not impossible. There are a few tips that men can follow to get rid of their oily skin. Before getting into the tips, let us have a look at what causes oily skin.

Oily skin in men is caused when the skin has overactive sebaceous glands that secrete an oil loaded product known as sebum. This sebum is not considered that bad as it assists in maintaining a protective layer over the skin that moisturizes the skin and acts as a barrier between the skin as well as the outer atmosphere.

Ways to get rid of excessive oil from the skin

In order to treat oily skin in males, here are a few tips that need to be followed.

Cleansing- If you have oily skin, make sure you clean it with the right face wash at least twice a day. Cleansing it two times in a day will ensure that when you wake up in the morning, the dirt debris gets removed. Secondly, when you wash the face at night, it will ensure that the accumulated pollutants and dirt are totally removed before you go to bed. You should always choose a cleanser that is specially meant for acne-prone and oily skin. Using a wrong skincare product or cleanser can worsen your skin condition.

Scrubbing- Exfoliation or scrubbing is one of the most vital activities that men can do to keep their skin in a healthy condition. Do you know why we scrub? We scrub to get rid of the accumulated dirt, dead skin cells which can cause pimples and acne. Dermatologists advise exfoliating the skin at least 2 times in a week to keep the dead cells away. Use the scrubs that have active products in it like salicylic acid, turmeric, tea tree, neem etc because these are anti-bacterial in nature. If you have oily and sensitive skin then, the scrub should be gentle, and the granules of the scrubs should be mild. Scrubbing also helps in removing the ingrown hair when you shave.

Toning- Toning or utilizing facial skin toners is seen as an insignificant skincare step but, using facial toners are regarded to be very effective and appropriate. Toners that contain tea tree helps in minimizing the skin pores and less amount of sebum is secreted.  One should choose a toner according to their skin’s condition.

Moisturizing- You must be thinking, what is the need for a moisturizer when you have oily skin. You are wrong. When your skin is oily, we must use a skin moisturizer or a cream. This acts as a barrier between the skin and external pollutants and harmful ultraviolet rays. You can also use moisturizers and oil-free creams that can keep your skin in a healthy condition. In addition, it makes the skin feel nourished too after shaving. Also, don’t forget to apply an anti-ageing cream once you are in your twenties.

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