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Skincare Tips for Men

Friends, if you are getting up in the morning, using bar soap to clean your face, and running out of the door, then it is the right time to start your skincare regimen. It does not mean that you must fill up your medicine drawer with lots of cleansers and creams you won’t probably use. Here are a few skincare tips that will give you flawless and healthy skin.

  • Clean your face with a good cleanser- This is a no-brainer. But the reality is, either you are doing it wrong or you are not doing it at all. Men are often guilty of taking super-hot showers and using harsh soaps or face scrubs. This makes the skin dry and when the skin gets dry you appear much older. Dermatologists recommend using a gentle cleanser that will clean the skin from oil and dirt that accumulates. It would be helpful if you use a face cleanser that contains oatmeal. It will hydrate and at the same time clean your face.
  • Stop purchasing cheap razors- Most of the men shave five times a week. How you do it matters a lot. A high-quality razor can be a lifetime item, so you should choose a razor wisely. Choose a razor that fits your skin sensitivity and the beard coarseness. Your face is going to thank you for this.  When you go to buy a razor, make sure you buy one which is made of high-quality material and try using several blades. With such types of a razor, there are more chances of getting a razor burn or ingrown hairs as the extra blades pull the hairs that are below the skin. Always use a moisturizing shaving gel as it provides a barrier of protection while you shave. Skin experts suggest that you should shave in the shower or immediately after that. The facial hairs are softer from water and steam. Plus, it also eliminates having to clean a dirty sink when you have got the company.
  • Buy a good after-shave lotion or cream- Aftershave lotion or cream hydrates as well as soothes the skin. It also seals in the skin after shaving. Make sure your after-shave lotion or cream does not contain any alcohol because alcohol can dry the skin.
  • Do not skip the facial moisturizer- Facial hair looks good in a male, but what really turns us on is when someone touches the face, it does not feel like sandpaper. Moisturizing the skin daily will get you soft skin. You can use fragrance-free products that are available in the market. They do not have any smell and are not considered “girly.”
  • Apply sunscreen before stepping out- If you find a moisturizer that contains SPF of 30 or more than that, then you are doing it right. But it does not cost much to keep a sunscreen always handy. Plus, it also lets you know that you care about your looks. Males who do not apply sunscreen increase their risk of getting damage, which may cause redness, extra blood vessels, and irritation. You can stay forever young by applying sunscreen every day before stepping out of your house.

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