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A Guide to 16 Types of Ear Piercings

Ear piercings have always been popular and will continue to be fashion and beauty trends forever. While some girls still prefer the single, double, or triple studs on the lobe or cartilage, cool ear piercings and pretty earrings have been trending strongly as of late. With all the different ear piercings to consider, it can be a challenge choosing the right places to get pierced. Whether you are going for cute and fashionable or edgy and bold, there are different ear-piercing styles to pick from. To inspire your look, here are all the different types of ear piercings to get right now. Read on to explore the best piercing ideas, how much these locations will hurt, and the cost to get your ears pierced!

But, before you go to the salon or as they are popularly known as “earring bar” to get a permanent piercing, we have got everything you must know.

  1. Lobe piercings- Standard lobe piercing and transverse lobe piercing
  2. Outer ear-piercing- Snug piercing, tragus piercing, industrial piercing, forward helix piercing, and auricle piercing
  3. Inner ear-piercing- Helix piercing, Anti-tragus piercing, rook piercing, orbital piercing, outer conch piercing

Choosing a location for your ear piercing becomes easy once you understand what the different types of ear piercings are available. Doing complete research and finding out the names of ear piercings can help you to have better communication with the professional who is going to pierce your ears. For best results, you can always carry a picture of the ear-piercing which you want to do.

The most common ear piercings for females continue to be found on the lobe and cartilage. Most of the girls do ear piercing when then they are young, so this is typically the first ear-piercing which a woman gets. However, jewelry in specialty and jewelry stores can be used for all kinds of ear piercings, making it simple to change your earrings the entire week.

Different Types of Ear Piercings

Standard lobe piercing- All of you know this, i.e. the classic lobe piercing. If you want more piercings, getting two standard lobe studs could be a great place to start with.

Snakebites- This type of ear-piercing looks great with studs or hoops, and you can either mix and match the earrings or keep them it the same based on your vibe. However, it can take some time to heal. Experts believe that the snakebite ear piercing does need more attention and care, as two piercings can cause extra swelling. It is recommended to use saline and avoid sleeping on that side for a few weeks.

Industrial Piercing- This is one of the popular types of ear piercing. In this, the upper cartilage of your ear is pierced in two different areas. Once it is finished, a small bar is placed in between the two perforations, and each end is affixed with a small ball closure to make sure the bar stays in the right place. The bar is noticeable across the exterior cartilage.

Cartilage piercing- The placement of a cartilage piercing is based on your preference, as there are several spots throughout the harder cartilage of your ear where the hole can be made. Always keep in mind that the healing procedure is a bit uncomfortable when compared to earlobe piercings. This kind of ear piercings takes around four months to one year to heal completely.

different types of ear piercing

Helix piercing- This type of piercing is done in the upper cartilage of your ear. As a cartilage piercing, the helix is one of the least painful earrings to get since it needs a small needle. Cool and versatile, you can choose any kind of earring or jewelry with this piercing. Some females prefer the barbell look whereas others prefer a classic hoop.

Forward Helix piercing- This type of ear piercing is a variation of the traditional helix, where this one has a different placement. With a forward helix piercing, you will have the cartilage pierced towards the front of your ear near to the bottom of your helix. Kept below the ear, stud earrings look beautiful and are simple to clean and maintain with time.

Transverse lobe piercing- Rather than piercing through the lobe front to back like a standard lobe piercing, this type of ear piercing goes through the skin horizontally by making use of a barbell. This type of piercing does not involve the cartilage so generally, it is more pain-free compared to other types of piercings.

Tragus piercing- Unconventional choices like tragus piercings are gaining immense popularity for their subtlety. This is one of the piercings that are done without much fuss.

Daith piercing- Daith piercing is in the cartilage of your inner ear. While this may sound painful, it is one of the simplest ear piercings to get and surprisingly requires less maintenance and cute. The location also looks trendy and hot with different kinds of jewelry. Choose a small hoop with a gem or flower on the end to add flair to your daily style.

Auricle piercing- This piercing is done in the middle part of the outer rim of an ear. The auricle is filled with nerves and therefore, getting in punctured tends to be painful. Decorating it with silver rings is one of the best ways of having fun with your auricles.

Conch piercing- This type of piercing is done in the middle part of the ear. There is both an inner conch, which is when a stud is pierced right through the middle, and an outer conch where a hoop will begin in the middle but cuddle the outer edge of the ear.

Orbital piercing- In this piercing, two different perforations are joined with one mainly the designed earring. Though commonly kept on the earlobe, some alterations of the orbital piercing place it on the cartilage. It is one of the most versatile types of piercing as the perforation is situated on the outer and inner part of the ear based on where it looks best. This cartilage piercing is placed mid-way down your ear. If you want an elegant look, make use of a hood with gemstones, or go for a more casual look by selecting a classic silver or gold hoop.

various kinds of ear piercing

Industrial piercing- Instead of a singular piercing, an industrial piercing is generally two piercings that are done through the ear cartilage. The most popular type of industrial piercing is through the helix and anti-helix, connected using a huge piece of barbell jewelry.

Rook piercing- A rook piercing is a refreshing take on other types of ear piercings. Located in the inner ear cartilage along the ridge near the top of your ear, the rook is attractive. Mix and match your ornament looks based on your mood.

Floating cartilage- While cartilage hurts slightly more and takes more time to heal, the flat of your ear creates a fantastic canvas to show small studs. It is great for snakebites and a small trio of diamonds. You can even try to mix plain ball studs with crystals of different sizes for an expertly designed look.

Stacked lobe- If you are too scared to go around the cartilage territory, do not be scared. Rather you can pile several piercings on your ear lobes.  There are times when people will ask to simply “fill up” their ear in a neat, correctly spaced row, whereas sometimes, people ask to do some sort of personalized cluster ear piercing.

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