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Essential Homemade Tips for Fair Skin

All of us want beautiful looks and a flawless complexion. But most of us fall prey to dust, unhealthy eating habits, and other factors, and ultimately our skin ends up looking lifeless and dead. Have you ever thought about what can be done to avoid this? Before getting into the homemade tips for fair skin, let us first understand what causes the skin tone and color.

Melanin is a pigment that is produced by melanocytes. It is mainly responsible for imparting the skin its tone and complexion. The more melanin, the darker our skin complexion is, and the better it is for an individual. Why? Because melanin is a great absorber of light. It can dissipate more than 99% of absorbed UV radiation and this is how, it protects our skin cells from the harmful Ultraviolet rays, thus reducing the risk of skin cancer. Do you still want to have fair skin? If so, here is a list of homemade tips for fair skin.

Beauty tips to get a fair skin

Eat a balanced diet- It is important to have a balanced diet which includes foods that contain high sources of Vitamins. For beautiful and fair skin, you must eat a good number of nuts like cashew nuts and apricots, vegetables like pumpkins and carrots. Your diet should also contain a moderate amount of protein too.

Avoid oily food- Consuming oily food can cause an excess of sebum production which in turn can cause patchy surface. This can cause sunburns because of excess deposition of oil over the surface. Therefore, you must control this.

Consume enough water- This is a significant thing that most of the people do not follow properly. The right amount of water can help in the digestion process. Proper digestion helps nutrients from food to get absorbed in an easy way.

Regular exercise- This is another significant thing which one should follow strictly.  You can do any exercise; it can be yoga or brisk walking or something like sprinting and running. These are helpful. One can also practise cycling as it is beneficial in improving blood circulation.

Get enough sleep- Right amount of sleep alleviates the muscles and relaxes the body. Getting enough sleep helps the body absorb essential nutrients.

Take less caffeine- Drinking excess of coffee, tea or alcohol can result in deposition of toxins in our body.

Apply a mask made of rice powder and Avocado- This is not just a face mask, but it is also an exfoliator. It is great for people who have dry and sagging skin. People who have dry skin and wants to moisturize it for them this is a great mask. This works great for exfoliating the skin.

Massage with Olive oil and lemon juice- This is beneficial for people who have old and sagging skin. This is also good for those who have clogged skin pores as warm olive oil helps in opening the pores. At the same time, lemon juice acts as a mild bleach and gives a glowing effect.

Apply honey and apple face pack- This is an antioxidant and moisturizing pack. This can be used even when you are doing a fruit facial. This combination can make a person’s skin feel fresh. Honey has anti-bacterial properties and thus can be great for people having rashes. This pack is also great for people who require moisturization.

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