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The 12 Remedies to Treat Dry Scalp Products I Can’t Live Without

The common sign of dry scalp is persistent itchiness, but it may also bring soreness, hair loss, and dandruff.  Dry scalp can have several different reasons, though the most common is a reaction to the change in the weather or any harsh ingredient used in hair care products. There are times when something as simple as not drinking enough water or washing your hair regularly can be the main cause, though medical conditions like psoriasis or eczema can also be the reason behind this. No matter what is the cause, here are some remedies to treat dry scalp at home.

A dry scalp that leads to relentless itching is no fun. Right? By now, you must be tired of scratching your scalp every time. That too, after changing your hair care products so many times. You get a dry scalp when the skin is deprived of natural oils. But it could also indicate an underlying medical condition.

Remedies to Treat Dry Scalp

  • Coconut oil- Coconut oil is one of the top remedies to treat dry scalp. It has long been used for its health and skin benefits. Dry scalp is not an exception. Coconut oil can moisturize the scalp, and it is antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help in reducing the risk of severe infections. It is also useful for treating atopic dermatitis. Coconut oil is easily available at most grocery stores or online. Apply warm coconut oil directly on the scalp. Leave it for 10 minutes before washing it with water and shampoo. This will not only help in treating dry scalp but will make your hair silky and smooth.
Remedies to Treat Dry Scalp
  • Tea tree oil- Another one in the list of remedies to treat dry scalp is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has strong antiseptic, antibiotic, and antifungal properties. You will find many shampoos that have tea tree oil in them. Tea tree oil can be bought as an essential oil from different drugstores and online. It is also easy to find shampoos that have tea tree oil as a key ingredient that may be marketed for individuals with dry scalp. You can make use of any of these products, or else combine a few drops of tea tree oil and a carrier oil, like olive oil or coconut oil, and massage on the scalp. Leave it for 10 minutes before washing.
  • Aloe Vera- It is one of the common remedies to treat dry scalp. Aloe vera has several properties that can help in treating dry scalp. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing skin irritation and acts as an effective moisturizing agent. You can even buy hair care products that contain aloe vera or buy aloe vera gel. Take a small amount of aloe vera gel on your scalp and leave it for 10 minutes before washing. You can even take aloe vera supplements orally, but they can act as a laxative so be careful while taking them.   
  • Apple cider vinegar- Apple cider vinegar is another common ingredient used in the remedies to treat dry scalp. It has many health benefits that can treat dry scalp. It is an antimicrobial which means it can eliminate the fungi or bacteria that could be the reason behind itchiness.

Why it is one of the best remedies to treat dry scalp?

It is also anti-inflammatory and can help in exfoliating the scalp, both of which can help in treating dry scalp. You can purchase apple cider vinegar in most of the stores and online too. Combine one-part apple cider vinegar with two parts of water. Apply this combination to the scalp. Leave it for five minutes before washing with water and shampoo. Apply conditioner after shampooing your hair.

  • Witch hazel- Witch hazel is often advertised in anti-itch items designed for sensitive and dry skin, and it has been used as one of the remedies to treat dry scalp. It can also be used to decrease inflammation that ultimately causes dry scalp. Its strong astringent properties can help in easing the symptoms of dry scalp. If you have bought liquid witch hazel, combine one-part witch hazel with two parts of water. Massage this thoroughly on your scalp and allow it to sit for five minutes prior to washing.
  • Mashed bananas- Bananas are moisturizing and nourishing, which makes them a perfect item for treating dandruff and one of the important ingredients used in remedies to treat dry scalp. In addition to being moisturizing, they are a natural anti-microbial, and the two benefits can help clean your dry scalp. Blend or mash a banana with a few tablespoons of olive or coconut oil. Mixing it will make it easier to wash out your hair. Massage it on your scalp and allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Olive oil and baking soda- a combination of baking soda and olive oil are some of the popular remedies to treat dry scalp. Olive oil is famous for its moisturizing effect and baking soda is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Both can exfoliate your scalp. The combination of olive oil and baking soda is a great choice if you have dry scalp or dandruff, as the exfoliation, moisture, and antifungal properties can treat the itchy white flakes. To use olive oil and baking soda, mix equal parts of both together and massage on your scalp thoroughly. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes before washing your hair with shampoo.
  • Vinegar- Vinegar helps in treating dry and itchy skin. It also kills dandruff-causing bacteria and fungus. The acidic content of vinegar is mainly beneficial to reduce flaking.
  • Jojoba oil- Just like coconut oil, jojoba oil can be an effective moisturizer, which can help you to get rid of dry scalp and dandruff. It has anti-inflammatory properties that are great for treating skin conditions that affect the scalp. You can find Jojoba oil in stores as well as online. Add a few drops of jojoba oil to your shampoo. This will permit regular hydration and avoid shampoo from drying out the scalp.
  • Apply Mehndi- If you want to get rid of dry scalp and dandruff, try to apply mehndi. Mehndi works well on your hair and also softens it. Mehndi needs to be prepared in the right way. Mix mehndi with curd and a bit of lemon juice. Once this paste is formed, keep it aside for 8 hours. After 8 hours, apply it all over your hair and scalp. Wash it away after 2 hours.
best dry scalp treatment
  • Avocados- Avocados consists of monosaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids that can moisture as well as protect your skin. You can consume avocados and avocados and apply avocado oil to smoothen your dry scalp. You can find avocados and avocado oil in stores.

You can apply both avocado and blended avocado to smoothen your dry scalp. If you are using blended avocado, combine it with a few drops of olive oil before applying it to the scalp. Allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes before washing out. For an extra enhancement, you can mix bananas and avocados together.

  • Egg and yogurt- Both yogurt and eggs have unique benefits that can relieve dry scalp. Yogurt is soothing on the skin and can be exfoliating, while the protein and fat content in the eggs can nourish as well as protect the scalp against free radical damage.

Use a tablespoon of plain, unflavored yogurt without sugar and mix a well-beaten egg. Massage this mixture on your hair and scalp and wait for about 10 minutes before washing. Rinse out the mixture with cold or lukewarm water.

A dry scalp can be uncomfortable, but luckily, it can be treated. If you do not find any positive results after trying these home remedies, then you must see your doctor and find the underlying health condition that needs prescription treatment. If you experience hair loss along with a dry scalp, then it is better to consult a doctor.

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