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What are Eye Bags and How to Treat It

Are ugly, bulging bags under your eyes letting you down? Do you hate those under-eye bags that make you look older tired? You will be glad to know that there are several ways to get rid of eye bags. But before that let us first find out the mysteries and myths surrounding the under-eye bags.

What are the eye bags?

Eye bags under the eyes are caused when the sagging and weakened skin relaxes, which in turn forms a pouch. The fat pads under the eyes slip down to fill up space. Too much fluid in the body can also collect there, making the lower eyelids look puffier and swollen. Shadows and discolored skin under the eyes can make eye bags appear more prominent. Unattractive, under-eye bags are generally a cosmetic problem and generally are harmless. But sometimes they can be a signal of an essential medical condition. Most of the under-eye bags are noticeable in the morning when fluid gets settled in during the night.

Why eyebags form?

One of the common causes behind eyebags is aging. As we get older, we experience a loss of collagen and fat padding, the main component of connective tissues in muscles, skin, and other parts of the body. Lower levels of collagen cause the skin and underlying muscles in the body to lose its tone and elasticity. The sagging is mainly noticeable around the eyes as the skin around the eyes is thin. 

Other factors that cause eye bags is fluid retention, chronic medical conditions like infections, thyroid disease, eye fatigue, stress, allergies, lack of sleep, congenital facial features, and smoking. If the swelling becomes painful, persistent, or severe, consult an eye doctor for medical treatment. Some of the common causes behind eye bags are:

Age- As discussed earlier, this is the main cause behind eye bags. As time passes by, the muscles around your eyes become weak and the fat starts seeping down, leading to that bad effect under your eyes.

Genes- For this, you need to blame your grandparents or parents. Because if your ancestors had eye bags, then there are chances that you will also get those. In this case, you can only pray that they got the under-eye bags late in their lives.

Sleep- Lack of sleep not only causes dark circles, but it can cause eye bags too. When you do not get enough sleep, it becomes hard for your body to get rid of the excess fluid in your body, and that fluid then gets clogged around your yes, leading to under-eye bags.

remedies for eye bags

Too much salt- Several studies have proved that excessive salt is bad for our body and it can even cause eye bags. A large amount of salt you eat, mainly for dinner, the more are the chances that you will wake up with eye bags. As excessive salt causes dehydration, the body, in turn, starts preparing for that by holding extra water, which, again, seeps in and settles under the eyes.

The way you live- These days, it is common to see people who are in their 20’s and 30’s having eye bags under their eyes. One of the main reasons behind this is their lifestyle. If you are among those who hardly sleep, eat a lot of junk food, work a lot, and smokes and drink most of the days, then you will get eye bags at an early age.

Now, that we know the causes behind eye bags, let us find out how to remove bags under the eyes.

Ways to Get Rid of Your Eye Bags

Apply tea bags- One of the common ways to get rid of eye bags is to apply tea bags. You can use caffeinated tea bags under your eyes. It is the best way to get rid of eye bags and dark circles. The caffeine in the tea consists of powerful antioxidants and may increase the flow of blood. Studies have proved that it is also great for protecting your skin against harmful ultra-violet rays and possibly slow down the aging process. Green tea has been advertised by the researchers for its anti-inflammatory effects.

How do you get rid of eye bags with tea?

  • Steep two green tea bags for about 3 to 5 minutes
  • Allow the tea bags to chill inside the fridge for about 20 minutes
  • Squeeze the extra liquid and apply under your eyes
  • Leave the tea bags for about 30 minutes
drink enough water to treat eye bags

Use a neti pot to reduce eye bags– Some people say that using a neti pot can help in removing dark circles and under-eye bags. A neti pot is a device on which you need to pour saltwater solution. Then, place the spout inside your node and wet your sinuses, removing debris and mucus.

How to cure eye bags and dark circles with Neti Pot

  • Fill your Neti pot with ½ teaspoon of salt and 1 cup of water. Heat the water to dissolve the salt, then cool the liquid to body temperature.
  • Tilt your head sideways over the sink. Keep the spout of the pot in the upper nostril, one closer to the ceiling.
  • When you pour the solution into the nose, breathe using your mouth. The solution must drain away through the other nostril.
  • Repeat this procedure with your head slanted the other way.
  • Rinse your pit after use with distilled, filtered, or otherwise sterile water.
  • Allow the pot air dry before storage.

You can find different kinds of affordable Neti Pots online. If you are going to try this process at home, use sterilized or distilled water to prepare a saltwater solution. You can also use boiled tap water that has been cooled to a safe temperature.

Use retinol cream- You may have utilized creams in the past but focusing on certain ingredients is important. Retinol creams have been used for several skin issues, including:

  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Certain type of cancer
  • Aging

This ingredient is related to Vitamin A and it comes in the form of liquid, gel, or cream.

How can retinol be used for treating eye bags? When applied to the skin, this ingredient can improve the deficiency of collagen. You may find fewer concentrations of retinol in various OTC items, but for using stronger creams, you need a prescription from your dermatologist.

Generally, it is advised to use Retinol once a day, nearly half an hour prior to washing your face. Do not use retinol creams if you are pregnant.

Keep yourself hydrated- It is one of the important ways to get rid of eye bags. Water makes up nearly 60 percent of your total body weight. It might not be surprising that dehydration can cause under-eye bags. Increasing your water intake can prove to be beneficial. How much water should you drink? Experts suggest drinking 13 cups of liquids for men and about 9 cups of fluids for women, in a day.

Apply a cold compress on the eyes- Avoid those expensive creams. Now getting rid of dark circles and eye bags can be as simple as applying a cold compress prepared by the materials you own. Applying cold to the specific area can help the blood vessels constrict fast for some temporary relief. Though you can buy a cold compress, you can make it at home too.

Some of the options include:

  1. A chilled teaspoon
  2. Cool cucumber
  3. Wet cloth
  4. A bag of frozen vegetables

Before you start applying, cover your compress with a soft cloth for protecting your skin from getting too cold. You just need to apply the compress for a few minutes to see the benefits. For the cooling effect, if you do not have tea bags or a spoon, use a nice cloth that is soaked in cold water. Throw away the excess water and keep it around your eyes for about three to five minutes.

By following these simple to follow ways to get rid of eye bags, you can now say goodbye to dark circles and eye bags.

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