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Tips to Get Healthy & Strong Nails

Are you worried about your broken and chipped nails? Do you want to grow them long? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. Here, we are discussing a few tips that will help you get strong and healthy nails.

Keep the nail beds hydrated

To keep the nail beds hydrated, you must take a small amount of petroleum jelly and apply it on your cuticle and the skin that surrounds your nails every night before you go to sleep or whenever the nail becomes dry. You can keep a jar inside your purse, desk or inside your car- anywhere you might require it. You are not a fan of petroleum jelly? You can replace it with castor oil. It is thick and consists of Vitamin E, which is beneficial for the cuticles. Or go to your kitchen and have some olive oil. It is also a great moisturizer for the nails. You will also want to avoid these regular habits that will completely damage your nails.

Protect your nails from wear and tear

Wear rubber gloves whenever you clean the dishes and do any kind of household work. Most of the household chores like gardening, washing dishes, scrubbing the bathroom can produce negative effects on healthy nails.   For extra smooth softness, apply hand cream before putting the rubber gloves. These gloves will also protect your manicure.

Treat the cuticles in a gentle way

While pushing back your cuticles, come in at a 45-degree angle and be gentle. Or else, the cuticle will be damaged, by weakening the whole nail.

Avoid the ingrown nails

For having healthy nails, you must trim your toenails straight across for avoiding the ingrown toenails. This is very important if you are suffering from diabetes. Nails can reveal a lot about your health condition.

Keep the hands dry

Dry your hands for about 2 minutes after cleaning the dishes, taking a shower/ bath. Also, make sure you dry your toes thoroughly after taking a shower or after swimming. Keeping them damp increases the risk of fungal infection and damages healthy nails.

Get the shoes in proper shape

Take out your athletic shoes and work boots. Better would be if you are able to keep two pairs and switch between them so that you feel does not feel damp or sweaty. This can cause fungal infections.

Wear high-quality socks

Wear socks that are 100 per cent cotton. They are best for absorbing dampness, therefore preventing fungal infections. You can also use the socks to cover the messed-up toenail art.

Have vitamins

To make your nails as resilient and strong as a horse’s hooves, take about 300 micrograms of Vitamin B biotin for four to six times a day. Earlier, vegetarians discovered that biotin strengthened the horse’s hooves, which are made of Keratin, the same substance present in the human nails. Researchers have found that people who took biotin for brittle nails experienced a vast improvement.

Use milk

It is great for healthy nails. Have a glass of milk and a hard-boiled egg every day. Rich in zinc, these two food items will do wonders for your nails, mainly if your nails have white spots, a sign of low zinc in your body.

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