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Top 12 DIY Natural Beauty Tips for Healthy & Fair Skin

All of us want beautiful looks with a flawless complexion. But most of us get affected by pollution and several other factors, and our skin ends up looking lifeless and dull. What can we do about this? Here, we have an exhaustive list of 12 DIY natural beauty tips for getting healthy and fair skin at home. But this not everything about face packs. We have also discussed specific foods and other skincare basics that are generally ignored or neglected.

Top 12 DIY Natural Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

Drink a bottle of water after you brush your teeth- Every night before you go to bed, fill a big bottle with water and keep it on your bathroom counter. First thing in the morning, after brushing your teeth, drink the water. During the night, while you sleep, all of that exhaling and inhaling takes out a lot of moisture from the lungs. Just imagine how much water we lose during 8 hours of breathing. Because we cannot replace it while we sleep, it is significant to rehydrate once we get up. Once you drink the water, you will feel the difference immediately.

Egg and banana hair treatment- This is one of the popular natural beauty tips for your hair. Do you want to make your hair shiny? Mix one egg and mash a banana to it. Apply this thick paste to your hair and leave for 10 to 30 minutes. Wash it following your regular hair washing technique and voila! You are good to go! This is one of the simple beauty tips to follow. 

Shave your legs using hair conditioner- Now, no need to spend money on expensive shaving foams as a hair conditioner is enough. It is a good moisturizing agent, makes the hair soft, and therefore makes it simpler to shave.

Use mayonnaise to protect the hair- Before you stop reading further, believe us this is true! Apply mayonnaise on the bottom part of the hair before showering. This DIY trick means that the mid-lengths and ends are safeguarded while shampooing, so the soap cannot strip all-natural moisture and dry out. Just ensure that after applying mayonnaise, wash it thoroughly.

Never step out without a Vaseline- Petroleum jelly has numerous uses. One of the best things to do is apply Vaseline all over your feet and then wear a pair of fluffy socks before sleeping. If you dye your hair, it is best for avoiding the dye from staining your skin, just use it in the form of an obstacle around the hairline, neck, and ears. Ultimately, it can also be used to tame the unruly eyebrows.

Deep conditioning hair treatment- Do you want super soft and hydrated hair? If yes, then this one among the top 12 DIY natural beauty tips must be on your list. Use melted coconut oil in the form of a deep hair conditioner and scalp treatment. Massage coconut oil on your scalp and then work it on your hair. Leave it for a couple of hours and then wash it off using a shampoo. Coconut oil will saturate your hair with its goodness that you cannot get out of any other thing. You need to apply little coconut oil to a small section of your hair. Or else, you might have greasy, but soft hair for some washes.

Remove nail paints using lemon peel- You must have heard about the health and beauty benefits of lemon, but you will be surprised to know that lemon peel can be used for removing nail varnish stains. If any dark color nail polish has stained your nails, then take a lemon peel and rub it on the stubborn spot. Soaking the tips of your nails in lime juice can make them wither.

Store all your beauty items inside the fridge- Not all the beauty products, but keep eyeliner pencils, lipsticks, and eyeliner pencils inside the fridge. Doing this will increase the life of beauty products and make eye and lip pencils firm. Ultimately, you will get sharper lines.

Get rid of tired and puffy eyes with chilled tea bags- The skin around your eyes is thinner, softer, and more sensitive to inflammation. This is the reason why topical or environmental toxins, lack of sleep, allergies, and hormonal changes usually lead to tired and puffy eyes. One of the best beauty tips to get rid of tired and puffy eyes is to use chilled tea bags. The caffeine, tannin, antioxidants, and tannins in black, green, and chamomile tea helps in reducing irritation and soothes your skin faster. The anti-inflammatory properties in teas also lessen fluid retention and promote blood circulation all-around your eyes- offering a fresh and renewed appearance to your eyes.

Steep 2 black, chamomile, and green tea bags in hot water for not more than a minute. Then, take out the tea bags from the water and allow them to cool in a small bowl in the refrigerator. When it gets chilled, close your eyes, and keep those chilled tea bags on the eyelid. Leave it like that for 5 to 15 minutes. This is one of the easiest natural beauty tips that will help you to get rid of puffy eyes.

Practice simple yoga poses to uplift your face naturally- Have you ever wondered how some women have smooth and firm skin, no matter whatever is the season? Ask them and you will get one common answer, i.e., practicing yoga.  Practicing inverted yoga poses will enhance blood circulation to your head which will give your face uplift and vitality. 

Yoga also helps you to relax, improve your mood, and helps to balance your hormones which can lead to smooth-looking and firm skin. The “downward dog” yoga pose is both easy to do and simple by getting on the floor on your knees and hands and then keeping your legs straight. Even simple yoga poses like bending down and touching your toes can work wonders for your face. Stay in these positions if you can, for nearly 1to 5 minutes. If you have any injuries or back pain, then before doing any pose, check with your healthcare provider.

Lessen the skin creases by changing your pillow cover- Have you got sleep wrinkles? Even if you follow a skincare routine, use the best skincare product, still, you can wake up in the morning and notice sleep wrinkles, if your pillowcases and bedsheets are made of coarser fabrics.

As you get old, sleep wrinkles start occurring because your skin loses elasticity and collagen. If you sleep on your front or side- the friction, pressure, and compression from the weight of your head on the bed or pillow can cause your skin to crease. With young skin, those creases and folds start fading because of a lot of elasticity and collagen in your skin. But when you start growing old, those sleep lines tend to stick together more which in turn causes permanent sleep wrinkles on your face.

To reduce skin creases, instead of using pillowcases and bed sheets made from coarser fabrics, select materials that are smooth, silky, and soft- with a good thread count.

Exfoliate using an orange- The acid present in Vitamin C is a great exfoliator agent. If you do not have enough time to conduct fancy homemade lotions and cream, just cut an orange in two halves and apply it on your elbows and knees.

Try these 12 DIY natural beauty tips and see the difference in your skin and health. Please let us know in the comments how helpful these tips were.

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