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How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes Instantly

The eyes-however you see it is one of the most eye-catching parts of a human body, which is why so many poems and songs are written on the eyes. Therefore, it is natural why everyone wants to take care of their eyes. Unfortunately, as we grow old along with the stress that we have to deal with, the eyes and the area sounding them suffer a lot. It is up to us to ensure dark circles, puffy eyes or eye bags do not become a part of our face. Therefore, here we have come up with a few ways to get rid of eye bags permanently.

It is seen that as we grow older, we start taking less care of our looks. This is wrong. No matter what your age is, how busy your schedule is, you must take care of your looks. Here, you will read about how to get rid of bags under the eyes instantly. However, before that let us first find out the difference between eye bags, dark circles, and puffy eyes.

Dark circles, as the name indicates, is the darkening of the skin around the eyes, especially just below the eyes. There can be various factors that cause dark circles, but the main one is stress, generally caused due to lack of sleep.

The existence of dark circles is not age sensitive and can be found among people of all age groups, and that is the point where dark circles differ from eye bags.

Puffy eyes are caused by several external factors too. It could be anything like allergies,  excessive intake of alcohol, or stress, and lack of sleep. While puffy eyes and dark circles will arrive in a jiffy, eye bags are different, and here is how they are different.

Eye bags are the sagging of the area under the eyes, which makes it appear like the eyes have a few bags hanging under it, therefore the name. While puffy eyes and dark circles are caused by things that are hard to control, eye bags, are generally caused due to growing age.

best methods to treat puffy eyes

To say in a simple language, eye bags come around when the fat around your eyes drop down as a result of the skin around that particular area starts losing its elasticity and tightness. As skin elasticity decreases with time, eye bags usually starts occurring when we grow old.

While eye bags might not appear the best, what is good about them is that they are harmless. And only if you are suffering from itching or any kind of discomfort you must opt for a dermatologist treatment for under-eye bags.

What Causes Eye Bags?

Age- As discussed earlier this is the main cause behind eye bags. As time catches up with you, and those muscles around the eyes start weakening, gravity starts doing its job, and the fat just stores down below, which leads to that bad effect under your eyes.

Genes- This is one of those for which you can blame your grandparents or parents. Because if your ancestors had eye bags, there are chances that you will also get them. Just hope that they got them quite late in the lives.

Sleep- It is not only dark circles that appear because of lack of sleep but, sometimes, even eye bags can also be formed.  When you do not get enough sleep, what happens is that your body is not able to get rid of the extra fluid in your body, and that fluid starts accumulating under your eyes, which leads to eye bags.

Intake of too much salt- Recent studies have shown that salt is harmful to our body. It can cause eye bags. The more salt you consume, especially during dinner, the more likely it is that you will have eye bags when you wake up. As salt can cause dehydration, the body, in turn, prepares for that by holding too much water, which, again, seeps in and collects under the eyes.

The way you lead your life- These days, it is not uncommon to see people in their 20s suffering from eye bags. And the reason for that is the lifestyle that they lead. If you are someone who does not get enough sleep, has a lot of stress, eats junk food, and indulges in heavy drinking and smoking, then you will probably get eye bags.

Ways to Get Rid of Eye Bags Permanently

Apply tea bags- One of the best eye bag removal treatment is applying tea bags. Tea is not just used for sipping. You can use caffeinated tea bags below your eyes to help with eye bags and dark circles. The caffeine in the tea consists of powerful antioxidants and may increase the flow of blood to your skin. It is said to safeguard against ultra-violet rays and potentially slow down the aging procedure. Green tea, in particular, has been preferred by researchers for its potential anti-inflammatory benefits.

How to use tea bags for under-eye bags treatments

  • Steep two tea bags for around 3 to 5 minutes
  • Allow the tea bags to chill in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes
  • Then, squeeze out the additional liquid and apply it under your eyes
  • Leave the tea bags for 15 to 30 minutes

Use a cold compress- If you want to know how to get rid of eye bags fast then, don’t go behind those pricey creams. Relief from dark circles may be as simple as using a cold compress you make using materials that you already own. Applying cold to the area can help the blood vessels constrict fast for some temporary relief.

Although you can buy a cold compress at the store, do-it-yourself methods can work well.

Some DIY options include:

o   Cool cucumber

o   Chilled teaspoon

o   Bag of frozen vegetables

o   Wet washcloth

Before applying, cover your compress with a soft cloth to safeguard your skin from getting frosty. You just need to apply the compress for a few minutes to see positive results.

Cucumbers- This salad ingredient has a natural cooling effect, so it can be a great remedy to treat under-eye bags. Place a few pieces of cucumbers on your eyes, and allow it to do its magic. Keep them on your eyes for about 15 to 30 minutes for the best results.

Keep yourself hydrated- Water makes up nearly 60 percent of your body weight. Considering this, it may not be surprising that dehydration can lead to under-eye bags. Increasing your water intake may help. How much water should you drink daily? According to experts, drinking nearly 13 cups of fluids a day for males, and nearly 9 cups of fluid for females per day is enough.

how to remove eye bags

Don’t feel like drinking water? The good news is that all fluids count towards your regular total. Still, water is a low-calorie choice. You can even try cold or hot herbal decaffeinated tea.

Add retinol cream in your skincare routine- You may have used creams or lotions in the past, but focusing on certain ingredients is important. Retinol creams have been used for varieties of skin problems, including psoriasis, acne, aging, and some type of cancer. This ingredient is related to Vitamin A and is present in the gel, cream, or liquid form.

Ways to Get Rid of Eye Bags Permanently

Control the intake of salt- You must control your intake of salt. The lesser salt you consume, the more likely it is that your skin will remain tight and strong for a long time. However, if you are one of those who indulge in salt, then nothing can stop the eye bags from appearing. So, decrease your salt intake and bid goodbye to eye bags.

 Lifestyle- It is one of the causes, but it can also be one of the main reasons to stop the eye bags from appearing or even getting rid of them forever. Eat right, exercise, and make sure you get sufficient sleep. Also, you should not take too much stress.

Smoking- Everyone knows cigarettes are bad for your health. Cigarettes do not just hamper your insides, they also give you a puffed and tired look outside. So, if you are worried about your eye bags and you happen to be a smoker, stop smoking.

So, these are some of the best ways to get rid of eye bags permanently that you can try and keep puffed eyes and under-eye bags at bay.

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